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Ultra Fast Charger

Product Details

The Ultra Fast Charger is Deltas latest EV charging infrastructure for charge point operators considering long term economical solutions.

With 150kW output power it features the highest commercially available DC charging power on the market with a modular and futureproofed system design that can be easily upgraded later. That secures operators and investors of today the compability with tomorrow’s requirements and minimize the total cost of ownership over the years to come. Combined with a minimum installation effort compared to other available systems, a versatility in station design and user-friendliness, the Ultra Fast Charger from Delta sets the mark for the future of EV Charging Stations.


Basic features

  • Modular scaleability for charging next generation cars
  • Simultaneous charging of up to four cars
  • Dynamic power management to minimize charge time
  • Configurable grid overload protection
  • Easy to install, operate and service


DC charging points

  • 2 DC charging points – up to 150 kW DC charging capacity in total
  • CCS up to 100 kW
  • CHAdeMO up to 63 kW
  • Dynamic power management to minimize charge time

AC charging points

  • 2 AC charging points: 43 kW and 22 kW
  • 43 kW charging point with Type 2 plug
  • 22 kW charging point with Type 2 socket


  • Wireline and wireless connectivity: Ethernet, 3G, GPRS
  • Software remote control and configuration
  • Back office system integration with OCPP 1.5
  • Local authentication with RFID & whitelist
  • Remote authentication and billing managed over OCPP interface
    • integration of smartphone applications
    • integration with roaming service providers
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User friendly

Simple charging process:

  1. Connect you car to the charging point.
  2. Authenticate with your RFID card.
  3. Charging starts automatically.
  4. Once the batteries are fully charged, charging stops automatically.
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Time saving

The DC power capacity can dynamically be adapted to the maximum charging power of the car. For a car with 68 kW charging power this reduces the charging time by up to 35 % compared to a 50 kW charging station. 

With up to four vehicles charged simultaniously, waiting times for a free outlet decrease.

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Due to its modular rectifier concept, the DC charging power can be scaled up to 150 kW in 10 kW steps.

The scalability concept allows easy adaptations to e-Bus and e-Truck charging solutions.

Charging cable and gun can be replaced upon future evolution.

CCS cable and gun support charging currents up to 200 A and battery systems with up to 850 V.

Delta’s team constantly works on improvements to cope with the evolving needs of e-Mobility:

improved usability, evolution of cars, new standards and regulations, software solutions and services.


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